The AUDIT COMMITTEE shall: Audit the Treasurer’s books at the end of each fiscal year and upon request of the General Board. Submit a written report and audited financial statement to the General Board when the audit is completed which is to include: cash on hand at the beginning of audit period: total receipts, total disbursements, cash on hand at the end of audit period.

The BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE shall prepare the budget for the ensuing year and submit it to the General Board prior to the first General Board meeting of the fiscal year for presentation to the members.  The budget may be reviewed at mid-year for any necessary adjustments.

The BULLETIN EDITOR and COMMITTEE shall prepare a news bulletin to be mailed to the members at least ten (10) days prior to each meeting, activity, etc.

The WELCOMING COMMITTEE and Chairperson shall: arrive at least thirty (30) minutes before the meeting to welcome guests and members; invite guests to sign the guestbook, and introduce them to the President; and will also be responsible for protocol within the meeting.

recruit all members, and issue membership cards and merchant certificates.
Participate in Bulletin Committee activities.
Investigate reasons for members’ absences and advise the General Board.
Telephone members at the request of the General Board.
Keep the membership roster current.

prepare notices of all GPIA activities for publication.
make necessary contacts for notices in public places.
Send newspaper clippings, etc. to Historian.

The REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE shall: be in charge of refreshments for all regular meetings.

be in charge of such events as recommended by GPIA such as anniversaries, etc.
be in charge of the annual merchant’s dinner when one is planned.

The LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE shall: monitor Police/Prosecutorial effectiveness for all serious and chronic criminal activity occurring in Glassell Park, with a special emphasis to be placed upon street gangs and drug sales/use.  It shall also identify Police/Prosecutorial ineffectiveness and report same to the General Board, Publicity Committee, and membership.

The PROGRAM COMMITTEE, which is to be chaired by the Vice-President, shall be responsible for proposing programs to the General Board.

Special Committees shall be appointed for special purposes whenever needed.