Parkémons live and thrive in trash, bulky items, overflowing trashcans and roadside litter. Species such as Trashcanasaur, Bulk, Alleykat, Pikitup, Couchmeifyoucan and Over Flo can only be fought with a united community and the powerful 311-osaur.

On Saturday, November 5th the GlassellParkians will come together, capture the Parkémons and take their community back from these wily and messy little creatures before it's too late! 

We will assemble in meeting spots around Glassell Park and await the proper time and the call on social media to walk the neighborhood. On predetermined quest routes, our teams will look for and collect all of the Parkémons on their route. When Parkémons are discovered, we will take aim with our smartphones document the catch with a special hashtag and take notes in our special field notebooks. Along the way, we must also destroy their habitat. Teams will sweep, clean, report, document, and measure the progress along the way.

Ahead of the event, the Glassell Park Improvement Association (GPIA) and the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council (GPNC) who are the main fighting forces against the Parkémons have identified the streets that are MOST attractive to them through the following methods: reports from Glassell Park Area representatives, posts on social media with the request to reply and report, and

At the end of the event, the lead agencies will collect the data from the teams, check the team's social media hashtags and calculate the results while our teams enjoy paletas and compare stories and photos from their adventures. The teams that collect all of the Parkémons will be featured on our website, in our newsletter and the GPIA will present a special edition certificate to reward their achievement. 

The goal is for everyone to leave the event feeling proud that their dirtiest streets are cleaner, that we have destroyed the Parkémon habitat in our community and empower the GlassellParkians to continue the fight! Empowered with the 311osaur and access to city agencies, we can work together to with the goal of CleanStreets for everyone and for all time in Glassell Park.