Friends Of Walnut Canyon Committee 

We are dedicated to preserving Walnut Canyon as public parkland for all communities to enjoy and treasure.

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Walnut Canyon is a sprawling open space located in the Glassell Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It consists of approximately 15 undeveloped acres of hillside grassland, California black walnut tree groves, chaparral and other flora. The canyon is a popular destination for people seeking outdoor recreation.  It is used by hikers, walkers, nature lovers, bird watchers, wildlife observers and outdoor enthusiasts. Kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds can study and experience the diversity of nature when walking through this canyon.  It is vital habitat for a variety of wildlife such as coyotes, foxes, bobcats, skunks, raccoons, opossums, owls and migratory birds.  It serves as a wildlife corridor to other undeveloped open space in northeast Los Angeles.  


The main entrances to the canyon are located at the end of Haverhill Dr. and Brilliant Dr. where the pavement ends.  It can be viewed on Google maps at this link or by searching for "Haverhill Dr. 90065."

Unfortunately we are in danger of losing this beautiful green space to major development.  A residential project called Abode At Glassell Park is applying for permits to build 32 tract homes on approximately four acres of land.   And a second large piece of property located immediately adjacent to the Abode project has recently been put up for sale. It is a five acre parcel located at 2215 Loveland Dr. 

Development of these two pieces of land would cause the irreversible destruction of Walnut Canyon.   Abode At Glassell Park would be built where the main ingress and egress to the canyon exists.  Completion of this project would likely lead to extensive further development and the complete loss of one of the last remaining large open spaces in northeast Los Angeles. 

In addition to irreversible loss of of rare open space, the Abode project would also require a haul route that would bring more than 130 truck trips every day along Haverhill Dr, Cazador St, Division St, Ave. 42, Scandia Way, Ave 40, Verdugo Rd. and Eagle Rock Blvd. and would severely degrade the quality of life for hundreds of residents and thousands of drivers.

Preserving Walnut Canyon means preserving access to outdoor activity for thousands of nearby residents.   Glassell Park is a park poor neighborhood with many underserved residents.  Walnut Canyon is a local treasure that would benefit the greater community for generations to come.   Glassell Park is also a community that is growing rapidly.   The current major surge in high-density housing predicates an even greater need for easy access to outdoor recreation.

The history of our community’s involvement in preserving Walnut Canyon is a rich one.  In November of 2002 local residents formed a group called Friends To Preserve Walnut Canyon.  They held the first informational walk through Walnut Canyon with several political representatives and scores of local residents.  


The names and the faces have evolved over the years but the goal remains unchanged.   Local community groups have worked with various city and state governmental agencies to make Walnut Canyon a permanent and integral part of Glassell Park.  These efforts at preservation have intensified in the past two years and have resulted in productive conversations with members of the offices of L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo, Congressman Jimmy Gomez, The Trust For Public Land and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to seek funding for securing Walnut Canyon as public parkland for all communities to enjoy and treasure.

The Friends Of Walnut Canyon committee formed within the GPIA in early 2017 to continue the work of seeking funding  to preserve Walnut Canyon.  Our group is a natural outgrowth of the community organization NELA Greenspace, which advocates for green space throughout a larger area of the NELA region of Los Angeles.  Friends Of Walnut Canyon is focused specifically on Walnut Canyon.  

The GPIA is non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) organization and all donations to Friends Of Walnut Canyon are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.